• Grade 10 Canadian History Workshop
    We would be pleased to work with your child to prepare them for writing the Grade 10 History and Citizenship Education exam on January 15, 2018. The preparation program will consist of weekly workshops offered prior to the exam. Click Here for More Details
  • We can ensure your child’s future..just like Alexandra
    A touching testimonial from one of our students! Click to watch
  • Tutoring won't resolve most academic problems
    Our teaching is not tutoring. Our specialized programs, based on current research on how students learn, provide them with the specific skills they need to succeed in school and life.
  • We teach children how to learn
    It is difficult to learn without the ability to read fluently; our unique remedial programs in English and French teach students how to read using sensory cues from the ear, eye, and mouth.
  • Teaching is our life's work
    Our teachers are some of the most highly qualified, experienced, and caring educators in the field. Our learning specialists include clinicians who are specially trained to implement our cognitive-based learning programs.





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A Message from Our Founder

As the mother of three grown children and a former teacher of special education, I know how stressful it can be when your child is experiencing problems at school. Whether your child is a weak reader, has difficulty with math, is getting poor grades, or has been labelled as dyslexic, learning disabled or ADHD, we can help. When I co-founded Strategic Learning Centre in 1989, I envisioned a centre that would work with students to get to the root of their specific needs and challenges, and then develop solutions to help them become better, more confident learners. And that’s exactly what we do – we plant the seeds for your child’s success at school and in life

I know that our centre is unique for these reasons:
  • We offer brain training programs that get right to the root of the problem and can change the way students learn
  • We don’t use conventional tutoring methods – instead we offer a one-on-one teaching approach that builds a strong foundation, step by step
  • We have an exceptional ability to accurately assess academic problems
  • We offer specialized programs that are based on the most current research about how children learn, and that are not available anywhere else in Montreal
  • Our staff are some of the most qualified, experienced and caring teachers in the field
  • We work closely with parents to ensure they fully understand their child’s academic needs and how to best support them to be successful

Karen Foley, B.Ed., M.Ed.
Director, Strategic Learning Centre

Click Here for Karen Foley's Bio

Karen Foley is one of Montreal’s leading educators and the Director of Strategic Learning Centre. With more than 30 years of experience, Karen has developed a keen sense of how to identify and solve even the most challenging learning problems. A mother of three grown children, she also understands how to best support parents when their child is having difficulty at school.

A former classroom teacher, Karen has a Bachelor of Education with a specialty in reading and special education, and a Masters in Educational Psychology where she focused on the most effective ways to help children become successful learners. In 1980, she was selected to head up a new centre at the Douglas Hospital, in Montreal, which specialized in educating adults with various learning disabilities.

In 1989, she co-founded Strategic Learning Centre. Providing parents with an alternative to standard tutoring methods, she introduced a unique one-on-one teaching approach designed to get to the root of each student’s academic problems. Over the years, Karen has been instrumental in making several new and leading-edge learning programs available to Montreal families. As a result, the centre has helped thousands of students become confident, successful learners. Frequently sought out for her expertise, Karen has conducted many workshops for parents and teachers on reading, writing and study skills, and on learning disabilities. She taught effective written communication at McGill University, and developed and wrote a very successful study skills program that is currently offered at her centre. Karen has been quoted in the Montreal Gazette, Montreal Families and Homemakers Magazine.


Strategic Learning Centre has been caring about your child’s future since 1989. We are dedicated to making your child the best that they can be in school and in life. The Centre has a comprehensive approach that gets to the root of a student’s difficulties in school. Every plan is tailor-made to address the individual needs of the student.
Over the years, thousands of students have benefitted from our brain training programs, remedial programs, and one-on-one instruction, many of which are unavailable anywhere else.

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How do I know when to bring my child to a learning centre?

Most parents have a gut feeling when their child is not progressing the way they should at school – even if the report card does not indicate a problem.
If you suspect your child could be doing better in school, trust your instincts and give us a call. The information you will get from our initial consultation will help you decide if Strategic Learning Centre makes sense for your child.

Here are some of the signs that may indicate your child needs help:
  • your child is getting low or failing grades and you have been unable to solve these problems at the school
  • you think that your child is not performing to their potential
  • you are receiving comments from the school that your child is not paying attention in class
  • your child knows something one week but forgets it the next
  • your child lacks the ability to write essays or study in an organized manner
  • your child seems to be acquiring skills very slowly (such as reading, writing or math)
  • your child feels prepared for a test, but then fails that test
  • your child has difficulty completing homework independently and there are tears and stress surrounding it
  • you have noticed behavioral changes relating to your child such as not wanting to go to school or complaining of stomach aches or headaches

What Our Clients Say

After I found out Kayla was dyslexic, I tried several learning centres. It wasn’t until we came to Strategic Learning Centre that her reading really improved. They identified important issues and recommended programs I had never been offered before. At six years old, it was like her eyes opened for the first time. She wouldn’t be where she is today without Strategic Learning Centre.

Angie Morais, mother of Kayla

What Our Clients Say

My sons have benefited tremendously from Strategic Learning Centre. The Centre conducts thorough assessments and offers excellent programs. Teachers take the time to talk with you and support you – from accompanying you to meet with a principal to recommending a speech therapist. Daniel and Michael now get As and Bs, and their self-esteem has shot through the roof. Strategic Learning Centre really cares about your child’s success.

Grace Calabrese, mother of Daniel (10) and Michael (15) Marchese

What Our Clients Say

What we loved about Strategic Learning Centre is that they conducted a thorough assessment with both our daughters, so we understood what their unique issues were. And within only a couple of months of working with Tina and Kimberley, both their confidence levels and their marks improved dramatically. Strategic Learning Centre gave our kids the foundation for learning, something that will be with them for life.

Debbie and Peter Golab, parents of Tina (11) and Kimberley (8)

What Our Clients Say

When my daughter, Anastasia, was having difficulty at school, we tried private tutoring and a group program at another learning centre. She showed no improvement. It was Strategic Learning Centre's unique techniques and exclusive programs that finally helped Anastasia become a fluent reader. Her understanding of math concepts has also improved dramatically. Thanks to Strategic Learning Centre, Anastasia is now a confident, successful learner

Elyse Desforges, mother of Anastasia de Kovachich (10)

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